Manual Of Information

Samson College of Science and Technology is a nationally accredited private school with an 85-year history of providing education for the requirements of a successful career in fashion and other vocational and technology fields. At SAMSON you only take courses you need for your chosen field. We will train you in the shortest possible time while remaining consistent with sound educational principles. SAMSON is proud of the thousands of graduates it has launched into their careers. Many of these graduates have achieved outstanding success in their chosen professions.

Samson College of Science and Technology gives you the personal attention you need to realize your greatest potential on your chosen field, yet it offers you a variety of career options as well as the opportunity to learn on contemporary equipment. You’ll enjoy a feeling of individuality at SAMSON not possible in other Colleges and Universities.

The Administration and Faculty will take personal interest in your success. Our teachers work closely with students to help them realize their goals.

For 85 years, recent high school graduates as well as those seeking a career change have been coming to Samson College of Science and Technology for career training. SAMSON’s programs can prepare you for an interesting and challenging position in the field of your choice.

Your training at Samson College of Science and Technology is career oriented. We teach you what you need to succeed in your field of interest. At SAMSON education focuses towards a specific goal – the trade area you want. Remember, with the proper training you can be assured a bright future. There is always a demand for those who possess Business, Fashion and Technical skills.