Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC 2

This course covers knowledge, skills and attitude in electrical installation. It deals with good housekeeping and safety, maintain tools and equipment, interpret technical drawing. It also perform the core competencies such as prepare electrical power and hydraulic tools, rough-in activities for communication and distribution, install wiring devices for floor ground fault current interruption outlet, install electrical protection for lighting and grounding, and install electrical lighting systems on auxiliary outlets and lighting fixtures.

EIM NC 2 Competencies


500311105    Participate in Workplace Communication
500311106    Work in Team Environment
500311107    Practice Career Professionalism
500311108    Practice Occupational Health and Safety Procedures


CON724201    Prepare construction materials and tools
CON311201    Observe procedures, specifications and manual of instruction
CON311202    Interpret technical drawings and plans
CON311203    Perform mensurations and calculations
CON 311204    Maintain tools and equipment


CON724308    Prepare electrical power and hydraulic tools
CON724309    Perform roughing-in activities for communication and distribution systems
CON724310    Install wiring devices for floor and ground fault current interrupting outlets
CON724311    Install electrical protection system for lighting and grounding
CON724312    Install electrical lighting systems on auxiliary outlets and lighting fixtures
CON724313    Install communication, signaling devices and remote control systems on auxiliary equipment
CON724314    Commission installed electrical systems ll